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Upcoming Events – Advanced Skills Workshop

If you have previously attended The Journey Experience Weekend and not The Advanced Skills Day, it is recommended that you resit the Journey Experience and then add on the Advanced Skills Day in order to experience the continuous flow of the weekend. It is a prerequisite that you have attended a Journey Experience, before attending Advanced Skills.

If you wish to attend just The Advanced Skills Day, please contact our office at 1-855-625-6876.


Break Through Any Challenges at the Advanced Skills Workshop

“Be Immersed in the Depth of Skills.”

This day is for anyone who wants to take Journey work to the next level. A dynamic, inspiring day jam-packed with countless powerful tools, process work and skills developed by Brandon Bays. The Advanced Skills Workshop builds the very foundation of the Practitioner Programme and will empower you to break through any challenges and work on any issue that might arise, no matter how deep or complicated it may be.

Experience firsthand the powerful skills developed by Brandon over the many years of her private practice and thousands of Journey processes. Completely clear a variety of issues with a new toolbox packed with skills. You will leave feeling confident that no matter what life brings you, you know how to handle it with life transforming Journey-work.

At this dynamic, 1-day workshop you’ll:
  • Integrate The Journey Intensive – bring the skills alive.
  • Learn dozens of new practical tools and mini-processes to completely clear a variety of issues.
  • Learn how to break through resistances, cut through negative mind-talk and clear limiting blocks.
  • Undergo new transformative process work firsthand and experience using it with a partner.
  • Learn to effortlessly handle challenges in your Journeywork.
  • Know that you now have the fundamental tools needed to begin the full Practitioner Programme.
  • Leave feeling joyous, confident and empowered, ready to work with any issue with anyone.

NON-RESIDENTIAL: 1-day seminar

FOR: Journey Grads – pre-requisite Journey Intensive, Journey Man or Journey Women

What People Say:

This Day is For Everyone and Not to Be Missed

This day is for everyone and not to be missed. The Advanced Skills event provides an incredible deepening in the Journey work itself, and at the same time delivers a profound deepening in ones own personal healing experience. Very simply a joyful and transformative day on all levels!

~ A.M.

A Wake Up Call After A Long Sleep

… a wake up call after a long sleep and made powerful and deep changes in the way I now work with my patients. It has enabled me to integrate what I have learnt in my training in conventional medicine as a doctor with the timeless knowing within.

~ ~B.K., MD, Family Physician

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