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December 2nd-3rd, 2017
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January 20th – 21st, 2018
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February 10 -11, 2018
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Freedom from Depression 3 -day seminar

Freedom from the real causes of depression

This powerful and freeing 3 day workshop is for everyone who lacks true joy, passion and fulfilment in life. This seminar is offered as an entry level Journey event, so it is not necessary to have attended a Journey Seminar before.

If you recognize any of these signs:

  • Your life seems dull, grey, empty and on autopilot
  • You have already been diagnosed with depression or are on antidepressant medication
  • Anxiety rules your life and your natural instincts are shut down
  • The only feelings available are negative ones

Then this workshop is for you!

During this workshop YOU WILL EXPERIENCE:

  • Powerful and liberating process work enabling you to get to the root cause of shut-downs, emotional suppression, ongoing negative emotions and depression.
  • Find out what has been keeping you separate from the real joy and passion of life.
  • Clear the consciousness that has put these pattern into place and with this shift, positively impact those around you.
  • Step into a life of passion, fulfilment and experience life to its fullest.

Give yourself the gift of joining this unique workshop – and make a huge shift and powerful change in your life.

Make this a year of powerful change and live your life fully, joyously, authentically and passionately!


Out of the Blue 2 -day seminar

This new 2-day seminar covers the topics of Worry, Anxiety and Stress inviting us to understand:

  • Why worry, anxiety and stress are so common in today’s world
  • The real causes of worry, anxiety and stress
  • What social conditioning is and the impact it has on your emotional and physical health
  • How to manage sleep distress, worry, hurt, negative self-talk, exhaustion, moodiness and more…
  • How to deal with post traumatic stress (for yourself and others)
  • How to clear unhealthy beliefs that cause fatigue, burnout or panic attacks
  • Strategies to have more energy, confidence, joy and happiness in your life.

Kevin BillettKevin Billet, the creator of ‘Out Of The Blue – Freedom from the real causes of Depression’, is the CEO, co-founder and Director of Journey Seminars Ltd. This course is a culmination of his direct experience of personally overcoming depression as well as realizations from helping countless others in his powerful Leadership Program and other advanced courses within The Journey curriculum. Kevin is a masterful teacher, with great insights to the human psyche and has filled Out of the Blue with extremely effective process work that will undo and clear longstanding patterns of ill-health and emotional shut-downs and depression. He is greatly loved and respected by students from around the world.

What Kevin Billett has to say about the Out of the Blue Presenters:

Bet Diening-Weatherston:
“Bet is an extraordinary woman who combines passion and inner strength with openness and heartfelt honesty – to great effect. Bet is a top rate, empathetic and deeply effective personal coach, with expertise in some of the most effective tools for transformation in existence. She is also a highly skilled and effective communicator and an engaging and compelling public speaker and seminar presenter. Bet is a woman who works consciously and with high integrity, and she gets results!”

Victoria Lichtman:
“Vicki’s heartfelt presentations are impactful and genuinely transformative. Her authenticity, emotional exposure and wicked sense of humor make her topics come alive in an engaging and enjoyable way. Her insights are profound and wise, her approach radically healing yet completely practical. Vicki is a woman who has some of our planet’s most deeply life-changing tools in her tool kit; and she uses them on herself, she truly walks her talk. She is a fantastic presenter of the depression freeing, Out of the Blue work, and I am thrilled that she is offering these workshops. You will love working with her!”

Sharon Sedgwick: 
“Sharon is a compelling presenter who combines a huge heart with deep wisdom in a way that will deeply impact you and could transform your life. She is a rare being of true authenticity, one who genuinely exemplifies the profound work she teaches, and I highly recommend her workshops.”  Kevin Billett – Founder & Author of Out of the Blue: How to Free Yourself from the Real Causes of Depression”

Annette Nolan: 
“Annette is a focussed professional with a warm and welcoming energy. She combines a big heart and a caring enthusiasm with an accomplished, practical and very real approach to holistic healing and life transformation. I highly recommend attending any Journey workshop she offers.”  Kevin Billett – Founder & Author of Out of the Blue: How to Free Yourself from the Real Causes of Depression”

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