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Out of The Blue 2 day workshop - Ottawa, Ontario


Out of the Blue With Dr. Marie-Sylvie Roy- Ottawa,  Ontario

Do depression, anxiety and stress overwhelm you and rule your life? Take back health and happiness. Come join us ‘Out of the Blue’ for this 2 day experiential workshop!

This is for everyone who would like more joy, passion and fulfillment in life. This seminar is an entry-level Journey event, open to everyone. It is not necessary to have attended any other Journey Seminar in order to attend.

During this 2-Day seminar you will learn:

  • Why Stress, Anxiety and Depression are so common in today’s world
  • The real causes of Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • What social conditioning is and the impact it has on your emotions and physical health
  • How to manage sleep distress, worry, hurt, negative self-talk, exhaustion, moodiness and more…
  • How to clear unhealthy beliefs that cause fatigue, burnout or panic attacks
  • Strategies to have more energy, confidence, joy and happiness in your life

During this workshop YOU WILL EXPERIENCE:

  • Powerful and liberating process work enabling you to get to the root cause of shut-downs, emotional suppression, ongoing negative emotions and depression.
  • Finding what has been keeping you separate from the real joy and passion of life.
  • Clearing the consciousness that has put these patterns into place and with this shift, positively impact those around you.
  • Stepping into a life of passion, fulfilment and experiencing life to its fullest.

Give yourself the gift of joining this unique workshop – and make a huge shift and powerful change in your life.





Start Date: November 24, 2018
End Date: November 25, 2018

Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time: 5:00 pm

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