North American Team

Bet Diening-Weatherston

Bet Diening-WeatherstonBet is a lover of Truth. She is passionate about creating a safe and trusting space inspiring, in others, a willingness to explore the truth of who they really are. She has learned that ‘everything’ we have experienced in life can be seen as a gift when we are willing and open to that teaching. Bet invites the clients to heal themselves by unwrapping the seemingly impossible traumas, diseases and hardships with compassion, clarity and forgiveness. She will gladly walk the talk with them bringing current real life examples into her sessions for all to share and heal together. In open exposure and from a place of vulnerability Bet helps shave off the ‘noise’ of life by holding a higher vision of each of us than we can presently see for ourselves. Humanity deserves a shift towards a healthier and more positive existence. It is her intention to continue to inspire this choice in others and herself.

Bet has been a teacher and a businesswoman She is currently a Journey and Visionary Leadership presenter, coach and an internationally accredited Journey Practitioner. Bet hosts ‘Radical Healing Journey’, a five-week international on-line program. She also co-hosted The Enneagram Masterclass 18-Month Virtual Immersion Program for two years. Bet was the North American director for Conscious Leadership Coaching for three and a half years. Bet is a contributing author to Brandon Bay’s booked titled, “Living the Journey”

Annette Nolan

Annette, in the truest, deepest part of her being, is an explorer, always looking to uncover the deeper Truth. She began taking personal growth and development courses which opened her to see herself and others in a whole new light. Annette experienced first hand, the depth of healing that occurs when able to gently and lovingly find a way back to Source. After an extraordinary experience in 2002, Annette’s path became clearer when she was introduced to Brandon Bay’s book, “The Journey”. Passionate to learn more about this remarkable tool to deepen her relationship with herself, and to share it with others, Annette became one of the first certified Journey Practitioners in Canada, having taken her training with Brandon in the US and the UK. She is now also a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach.

In her search for the source of Freedom and Peace, Annette has studied, and continues to study many different modalities. This enables her to look at issues from different points and access the most appropriate course for resolution, for herself as well as in her practice.

Currently, as well as being a Senior Journey Practitioner, Certified Visionary Leadership Coach, and Presenter of both, Annette owns a wellness center in King City, Ontario. Her business, named ‘It’s All About You’ was created to reflect Annette’s passion for helping people. It offers a peaceful environment and safe refuge while at the same time exposing you to the most basic truths. Here, you can experience healing at the cellular level while enveloped in love and truth. Annette has a background in the corporate world, having worked for Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard and Enbridge Gas among others. She is a doting Grandmother and a loving friend.

Marie-Sylvie Roy

Marie-Sylvie RoyMarie-Sylvie is a clinical psychologist working in private practice for the past 20 years. She was trained in different modalities of healing from traditional medical healing to eastern approaches. She was introduced to the Journey several years ago and it literally transformed her practice and her life. She became an accredited practitioner as well as a certified Visionary Leadership coach. Totally committed to healing and freedom, she shares with enthusiasm and passion the profoundly transformational and healing power of the journey tools. She found in the Journey a way to access profound transformation and witnessed healing happening from the physical, emotional and spiritual realm. Finally, she found a tool that grasps and uses the unlimited potential that exists in all of us, a tool that is vast enough wide enough to include all possible human experience and restore meaning and dignity even in the most “damaged one”. Her commitment is simply to spread the word about the fact that there is a way, there is a tool, there is a path for healing that request simply that you want to take it.

Click here to visit Dr. Marie-Sylvie’s website

Sharon Sedgwick

Annette NolanSharon first heard about The Journey while searching for an emotional healing tool for her pregnant clients.  For more than 25 years as a doula, childbirth educator, and woman’s workshop leader, Sharon noticed many women who had everything it takes, physically, to have a healthy joyful birth, yet emotional blocks, deep seated fears, abuse and childhood trauma often caused unnecessary complications.  After her first Journey Intensive in the fall of 2003, Sharon began using The Journey processes with her clients, and immediately began seeing a huge difference in their births; and their lives. She is among the first Certified Journey Practitioners in the US having completed The Journey Practitioners training in 2004/05 in the UK with Brandon Bays and is also a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach & Presenter for both The Journey and Visionary Leadership.

Through her experience as a businesswoman, childbirth professional, marketing and graphic design, Sharon has found that ordinary can create extraordinary results and bring their greatest dreams to fruition, if they can just get past the fear and limiting beliefs that hold them back. Finding and using tools to help people transform, excel, and reach their full potential, has always been one of her greatest joys.

One of Sharon’s greatest joy’s is creating a safe and open environment for all to open into who they really are in love, joy, freedom and self-empowerment.  She especially enjoys leading women’s retreats/workshops and red tent sessions and is currently writing her book, “Graceful Pregnancy.”

Skip Lackey

Skip Lackey has been studying mind-body healing for more than 35 years, gaining certifications in NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) and NAC (Neuro-Associative Conditioning), becoming one of the first International Senior Journey Presenters and Practitioners and helped to bring The Visionary Leadership Program out to the world. From 2002-2011 he was the President of the North American Divisions of The Journey and Conscious Company Worldwide. He also was the founder of JONA (Journey Outreach North America) and helped to found the NAJPA – North American Journey Practitioners Association. Traveling extensively throughout North America offering thousands of talks, keynote lectures, trainings, executive coaching, and over 1000 experiential workshops, and an additional 1000 talks on cellular healing and accessing the innate leader within.

In his former life, Skip has accomplished the things that many of us can only dream of. He danced with the Rockettes in the annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring in the lead role as Santa Claus; hosted Nickelodeon’s Cable Ace Awarding-winning program, “Think Fast”; became a Master Sky Diver; performed on Broadway; has appeared in motion pictures/ television and worked as the Executive Producer of a cutting edge vision technology company, and worked with ABC, NBC, ESPN, The Golf Channel and Nike to name a few. And last, but not least, he is a graduate of Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Clown College and toured with them as an “Auguste Clown”, the most beloved and zaniest of characters.

After 25 years of living in NYC, Skip is thrilled to now reside just outside of beautiful Boulder Colorado with his wife, Kristine and their 3 children ages 22 to 6.

Colby Tootoosis

Growing up in his indigenous nation located in Canada, Colby noticed repetitions and patterns of issues that small first nation communities face. At the early age of 12 Colby noticed his passion to serve and aid in these communities’ liberation. At the age of 18 Colby started working in the front lines of communities concentrating on youth empowerment. Since that time Colby has continued to invite the courage to work with ending the legacy of unhealthy cycles and behaviours within many communities.

Colby graduated from Chief Poundmaker School located on the Poundmaker Cree Nation. He continued his education in the areas of Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Saskatchewan. During the later course of his study, Colby felt the need to focus on his own personal growth through the direct experience of self-reflection and self-evaluation. During this time of personal empowerment he has had the opportunity to complete The Journey Practitioner Program and The Visionary Leadership Program. Colby is also a Life Skills Coach and Grief and Recovery Specialist. The skills Colby acquired during this time has lead Colby to the position of team leader on Crisis Response teams in service to first nation’s communities and a vibrant speaker in the area of youth empowerment.

In recent years, Colby was appointed the Saskatchewan regional youth representative on the Assembly of First Nations National Youth Council. He later was elected to as co-chair to the National Youth Council, which is also responsible for sitting alongside the Assembly of First Nations Executive board which includes Elected Chiefs from each Provincial Region in Canada. In completion of this service at the national level, Colby has been advocating for justice and accountability within Poundmaker Cree Nation.

Colby’s passion is to embrace the development of a new generation of leadership, which is vital for the continuing wellbeing of children who have yet to arrive. He sees the solutions to the crisis nations face through the hearts and minds of the young people and he is looking forward to assisting in the awakening of what is dormant inside.

Bodhi Ji

Bodhi Ji, formerly known as Bruce Brouillette, become a lover of truth in September of 2006 after attending his first Journey Intensive. From that first Journey Intensive workshop the door to Freedom was cracked open and the winds of change blew through, starting the process of letting go of a lifetime of depression, drug & alcohol addictions, childhood abuse and a disempowering belief system that kept him in bondage. From that moment on, Bodhi’s desire to know his truest self arose and the Journey began.
Completing the Journey Practitioners Program in just under a years’ time, Bodhi became an accredited Journey Practitioner and soon was hired on by The Journey North America team as Logistics Manager. Bodhi attended all advanced retreats in the US, including and completing the Visionary Leadership Coaching Program, and over 50 Journey Intensives within the first 3 years.
In February of 2017 Bodhi ventured into another world of awakening, attending the Advanced No-Ego retreat in India, The Journey Practitioner Business Training in Slovakia, and The Practitioner’s Freedom from Depression Workshop in Wales, culminating in sparking an even deeper clearing of beliefs, vows, and ingrained strategies that rocketed him into a new level of existence.
Bodhi, along with his wife and business partner, Co-Authored Living the Journey with Brandon Bays, setting in motion the desire and vision to share this method of awakening, starting in the United States, as a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach, Accredited Journey Practitioner, and Authorized Journey Experience Presenter.
Bodhi welcomes anyone who has a desire to experience the freedom of who they already are, either in a group setting or one-on- one, with a certified Journey Practitioner.


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