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Namaste Dear Ones

The excitement has been building ever since Kev’s recent trip to America and Canada, and I wanted to bring you up-to-date with some of the news and the wonderful new ways forward that will be unfolding over the next weeks and months in North America.


Before I go into this exciting new paradigm I wanted to give you a heads-up that I will be coming to America and Canada this September to join my fellow authors of Living The Journey for a book launch tour in the Denver and Ottawa areas and will be offering talks at new thought churches, spiritual venues and to personal growth groups as well as a 3-day Journey Intensive in both cities (more below!).


As you may know we have been restructuring how The Journey is being offered right around the world, and after taking meetings with our Journey Practitioners in America, Canada, Australia, Europe and just recently in Israel, having received everyone’s input, together we have co-created a new operational plan and will start implementing it from the end of June!


After years of giving the Journey Practitioner Program we have decided to partner more directly with our practitioners worldwide, entrusting more of the guardianship of The Journey to those who are most deeply steeped in the work, with the greatest depth of experience, whose lives are surrendered to Truth, and who are committed to serving awakening and healing in their local communities.


So those beloved practitioners who feel called will be offering regional Journey Workshops in a live-stream format in their local areas, either in their homes or at local venues. These workshops will be as dynamic as ever, simply with part of the work presented live and part shared with me on video – the interactive segments such as elicitations, demonstrations, paired up processing, etc., will remain the same as in any Journey Intensive.


These events will be priced at more easily affordable levels, and will be offered locally, often in regions where people might not have previously had access to the traditional Journey Intensives, making the work more accessible. So these practitioners will be creating small, regional communities with friends, loved ones, extended family – a Sanga (spiritual family) that serves one another in deepening in our journeys.


Taking on board the practitioners’ input we have also agreed that America and Canada should have their own individual administration centers and event registrations, so we can more appropriately and simply meet the needs of participants in each country. This will allow a conscious recognition of cultural, currency and business protocol differences and should, we trust, make everyone feel just a little more personally attended to and cared for. We are still working out the finer details, and we have the wholehearted support of everyone involved on both sides of the border, so more on this a little later on.


Come the end of June, we will be launching the new paradigm in many countries around the world, but in both America and Canada, with the setting up of the new administration centers and websites, the new regional live-streamed workshops may be delayed until the end of the summer, perhaps starting early September-so watch this space!


Please check out the events happening in your area, bring your friends and offer to be a trainer to help hold the embrace for a Journey Satsang Community to flourish in your area. Joining in will bring the profound gifts of transformation and deepening in Freedom, both to you and to your friends.


Also, I mentioned in one of my recent newsletters that come September we will be launching two new books including Living The Journey, which is written by sixteen Journey practitioners who share their heart-rending stories of healing and realization. It is a moving, rapid-read book that includes new process work I have developed and will hopefully appeal to large numbers of people seeking to transform their lives. At the same time the new revised and updated version of the original Journey book – with the latest up-to-the-minute process work - will also be released by our publishers, Simon and Schuster.


So, following Labor Day our launch tour will begin. I have asked our fellow authors to give intros and book launches in their local areas at book shops, New Thought Churches and other spiritual venues, and I will be doing the same. I will be offering talks in the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins area followed by the Journey Intensive live in Denver September 14-16  (including Advanced Skills live with me) and also I will be giving speaking engagements in Ottawa followed by The Journey Intensive live with me September 21-22 (with Marie-Sylvie offering Advanced Skills September 23).


The live Journey Intensive with me is now offered as a three-day event, usually starting on Friday with the Emotional Journey day, Saturday the Physical Journey day and Advanced Skills on Sunday. I have found over the years that those who did the final Advanced Skills day really had a distinct advantage and the in-depth tools to take Journeywork comprehensively into their lives and use it confidently and fully with their loved ones. It is the difference between a taste of the work and a real feast of the full menu we offer – the Advanced Skills day really gives you the tools
to liberate and heal every area of your life. So it is now done as a fully integrated three-day event.


I’m so looking forward to this upcoming book launch/seminar tour, so if you belong to a new thought church, personal growth group, or spiritual organization and would like me to come give a live talk in the greater Denver area, please contact Pat Kendall or Sharon Sedgwick; and for Ottawa/Montreal please contact Marie-Sylvie Roy or Annette Nolan, and we will try to fit it into our schedule (their contact details are below). I would be so grateful for your support in re-gaining some traction for the work in North America – we could all benefit from it!

Pat: pat@thejourney.com                  Sharon: sharon.na@thejourney.com

Marie-Sylvie: mariesylvie@thejourney.com    Annette: annette@thejourney.com

Then please come join us – fly or drive in from wherever you live in North America and be part of our trainer team at the live Journey Intensives. I run trainers’ training as an advanced level retreat that takes place concurrently with the public Journey Intensive. On the Thursday night at 6.30pm before the ‘JI’ we will all come together for a giant ‘family reunion’ with prayer and meditation, then I’ll share how the weekend unfolds and teach the trainer intervention skills.


Every morning during the weekend we have our own private trainer meditation sessions, and then we set everyone up with their own personal schedules, so you have time to cross-process with each other every day, and time when you’re in the room holding the embrace for the ‘newbies’. So there will be set times you get to sit in the presence, soak, experience the new teachings and process work while in the main room with me, and times you are outside in the trainer room getting processes – two simultaneous workshops are going on at once. It’s such a gift to process with each other as there is a greater depth of experience among us and of course there is always a huge presence at the Journey Intensive, when we come together as Satsang family – “Whenever two or more are gathered in the name of Truth there will I be”.


And so the whole event takes place in a real spiritual fire – in an embrace of grace that allows you to have very strong process work and to deepen in your own spiritual journeys.

So come the end of the summer, please jump back into the energy – support your local Journey Practitioners at their ‘Live-stream’ Journey Workshops (when they are up and running) and of course, come September, I so look forward to welcoming you to Trainers’ Training, to swimming in the love with you, and deepening in our journeys at the Denver and Ottawa JI’s. Bring your friends because these are the only Journey Intensives I will be offering in North America in 2012.

Also remember – if you’d like us to come speak at your local group meetings, please let us know.

I can barely wait to see you again, and until then, all love and blessings,

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